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Using exclusively vintage watch movements from Switzerland, Germany and the USA, and completely made by hand in England, tempuscreations Precious Time cufflinks are the perfect way to treat yourself or grab a unique gift for that special someone.

As well as all the in-stock items you see here, I'm also only too happy to take custom orders or source specific brands, please have a look on the Custom Orders page or get in touch!

I make each pair by carefully selecting a pair of vintage watch movements, which not only match in terms of manufacturer and calibre, but also in terms of colour tone and condition.  I then ensure that both the crowns and stem lengths also match, meaning that each pair of cufflinks really is a pair, despite having come from two completely separate watches which may have come from thousands of miles apart.

If required, I can also supply the dial and hands from each watch so that you have the watch's complete history when you choose a pair of tempuscreations Precious Time cufflinks. Please ask if you would like these included when you place an order.

tempuscreations now also has luxury men's socks available in a wide variety of colours and styles. Sourced from Portugal, these socks are an ideal accompaniment to a pair of Precious Time cufflinks, or a great gift for yourself or a loved one.

I love to hear from my customers, so please don't hesitate to comment or post photos of your Precious Time cufflinks or Luxury Socks on my blog, like and comment on Facebook, tweet on Twitter or email via my get in touch! page.


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