About Us

tempuscreations was born out of an idea that arrived (just like all the best ideas) to me in the local pub.  As a lifelong lover of mechanical watches, in particular vintage watches, and as someone who wears a suit to work every day, I got to thinking; how can I combine these two things in my life?  You see, a gentleman's attire should be an expression of his personality, and it's extremely difficult to stand out in a crowd with the usual three items - a tie, a watch and some cufflinks.  I've seen (and had!) numerous pairs of novelty cufflinks over the years, but nothing that just exudes class and is a reflection of my personality and interests.  

With this in mind, I set about creating a new brand.  This brand would be based on three things: Quality, Style and Customer Service.

Here is that brand.  Here is tempuscreations.